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CT Dems React To Visconti Facebook Post

Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Visconti just posted this on Facebook.

“This is a thoroughly sickening post from anyone, much less a leading GOP gubernatorial candidate. Every Republican running for governor, as well as state GOP chairman JR Romano, should immediately denounce this type of hateful, divisive language. When people question whether or not President Trump’s ethical dilemmas are part of the 2018 Gubernatorial race, here’s your answer from one of the leaders of the Republican field.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell

Herbst Once Again Using Taxpayer Resources To Benefit Campaign

“Once again, Tim Herbst is blatantly using taxpayer resources to bully his political opponents and benefit his own campaign. Since he took office, Herbst has seen the first selectman’s office as nothing more than a stepping stone to higher office.

“Tim Herbst has made it abundantly clear who he really is, and his thin-skinned, bullying tactics are exactly wrong for any statewide elected position.” – Connecticut Democratic Party spokesman Leigh Appleby

Trumbull Times: Handout critical of administration prompts Citizen Alert notification call

Does political criticism constitute a town emergency?

That’s what some town residents are wondering after First Selectman Tim Herbst used the town’s Citizen Alert notification program to respond to a flyer distributed by Trumbull Democrats Monday afternoon. The flyer cited the town’s plan to sell six municipally owned properties, including the Board of Education building, the Aram Tellallian Building, and the Nature and Arts Center, all on Main Street. The VFW Hall, Center at Priscilla Place, and a property on Berkshire Avenue are also potentially on the block.

The flyer rhetorically asks why the properties are being sold, what potential development could result, and the possible effect on property values would be before asserting that “The Town should NOT sell municipal property in your neighborhood.”

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Tom Kelly said his group had distributed the flyers to a targeted list of homeowners who live within ¼ mile of one of the affected properties, about 1,000 homes in total.

So most of the town was surprised to receive a telephone call from Herbst Monday afternoon, using the town’s Citizen Alert program, criticizing the flyer.

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Sampson, Too Afraid To Meet With Constituents, To Attend A Tea Party “Rally” Tomorrow

Last week State Representative Rob Sampson, one of eight Republicans to vote against the state’s ban on anti-LGBTQ “conversion therapy,” canceled a scheduled coffee hour with constituents — ostensibly to focus on budget negotiations in which he’s not involved — after he received backlash for his vote.

Apparently Sampson’s “work” on the budget only keeps him occupied when it comes to explaining his vote to constituents, because he is scheduled to attendtomorrow’s Tea Party “rally” at the Capitol. He also found the time to visit a brewery recently.

“There is no other way to put it, this is cowardice from Rob Sampson. Elected officials have a responsibility to hear from the people they represent, and that includes explaining why they take specific positions. Let’s be clear, this should not have been a tough call. LGBT kids do not need to be ‘converted’ or ‘fixed,’ and ‘conversion therapy’ is not only ineffective, but often negatively affects those subjected to it. Representative Sampson’s constituents deserve answers. Sadly, he’s not interested in answering questions from those he is supposed to serve, only special interests who support his right-wing agenda.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell

Romano Defends Trump. Where Do GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Stand?

Lowell Weicker, a central figure in the Watergate proceedings, today drew parallels between Donald Trump’s firing of James Comey and Richard Nixon’s firing of Archibald Cox.

Rather than joining Democrats — and even some national Republicans — in calling for a special prosecutor, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman JR Romano attacked Weicker, according to Hearst Connecticut Media.

“Lowell Weicker hasn’t been relevant in 25 years, and all he does is criticize Republicans,” Romano said.

Romano is the head of the Republican Party in Connecticut. Do Republican candidates for governor share Romano’s defense of Trump, or will they join Democrats in calling for a special prosecutor?

“Donald Trump’s action — firing the person investigating his ties to Russia — sure looks like a cover up, and the American people deserve answers. That means Republicans at every level of government, particularly aspirants to higher office, should join Democrats and make their voices heard in support of a special prosecutor.

“With little leadership to date, we are calling on every GOP gubernatorial candidate to make their voice heard on this issue that has shocked people on both sides of the aisle.” – Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell

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